Highland Whisky


The Highlands of Scotland have always been renowned for the whisky made there. Some say it is the quality of water, others say it is the unique soil that imparts certain characteristics to the grain grown there. Nevertheless, the whisky produced in the Highlands has historically always held a high value. Highland folk used whisky as medicine and in lieu of actual coin in the payments of rents and other duties for decades up to the early-nineteenth century. Highland whisky from the mountains and outer isles was known to be a better product than what was being distilled legally in the lowlands, and high taxes on British spirit production and imports generally only heightened demand for it. Throughout the eighteenth century, the amount of whisky pumping out of stills in the Highlands only increased as restrictions grew tighter and tighter. Smuggling was the primary means of delivering Highland whisky to the Lowlands and elsewhere up until 1823.

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