Spirits of Whisky


Many tunes end up with the same title over time but take on different character, not unlike different glasses of malt whisky. Historically, whether real or imagined, whisky has been thought to give men extra vigor. An old story tells of a man named Thomas who, being one of the few men of his village not stricken with plague, finds himself sharing a few drinks of fine malt with the Devil himself, who is not used to drinking such spirits. In his drunken stupor, the Devil challenges Thomas to a wrestling match for his soul. Thomas agrees but throws a challenge back to the Devil to lift the sickness off the area and never come back should he lose. Thomas takes a few more sips of whisky and the two go at it. He bests the inebriated demon and saves his soul, thereby removing the plague and saving his village. Such are the spirits of whisky.

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Whisky Tunes is the first online, bagpipe music tune book presented in a serial format. Tunes are collected and arranged by Vince Janoski. Vince is the former editor and publisher of The Voice, the magazine of the EUSPBA and publisher and writer for Pipehacker.com.