Bung Your Eye!


A “bung” is the hole in the whisky barrel where the spigot inserts when the spirt is ready for bottling. The word would have easily been used for the process of inserting the spigot itself. The title suggests an insult of sorts to stick something in your eye. The tune appears in early eighteenth-century music collections as an air for the fiddle before it changes to a bagpipe tune with a title change as well to “Lord Dunmore’s Jig” in the late 1800s. Listen to the Small Tunes Podcast at Pipehacker.com for a bit more on this tune as well as a rendition on the bagpipe.

View the score for “Bung Your Eye!.”

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Whisky Tunes is the first online, bagpipe music tune book presented in a serial format. Tunes are collected and arranged by Vince Janoski. Vince is the former editor and publisher of The Voice, the magazine of the EUSPBA and publisher and writer for Pipehacker.com.