Braes of Tullymet


Tullymet is a rural area in Perthshire steeped in Scottish history. The region encompasses the river Tay and has seen much whisky (and bagpiping) activity over the centuries that continues to the present day. The distilleries (legal and not) that have come and gone over the last two hundred years are almost too numerous to list. Suffice it to say, the region is almost synonymous with whisky making. Perthshire native John Dewar opened his first proprietary distillery in the region in 1898 in Aberfeldy. The region has also produced some iconic piping names as well. MacDougall bagpipes are well regarded as the pinnacle of vintage bagpipe makes. Duncan MacDougall continued the family pipemaking legacy in his shop in Aberfeldy in the Tullymet region in the late nineteenth century.

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